Baltimore Community Lending: Inaugural Campaign Cabinet Event!

on behalf of Baltimore Community Lending: Dec 2023 Newsletter

On Tuesday, December 12, 2023, Baltimore Community Lending held their Inaugural Campaign Cabinet Event at BithGroup Technologies, Inc bringing together key stakeholders in our community fostering an environment for meaningful engagement. BithGroup Technologies, founded by Democratic Mayoral Candidate Bob Wallace, has emerged as a leader in the technology and innovation sectors of the city, bringing jobs and continued growth to the cities economy since 1998.

Text Below From the BCL December Newsletter

On behalf of BCL, our Campaign Cabinet hosted a vibrant event, leading discussions that sparked insightful conversations on critical topics that included economic inequality, investing in underserved communities, and the indispensable role of minority businesses in our economy. These topics were all considered ways to cultivate a supportive and engaged community in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

The discussions were more than just words; they were the seeds of change, sowing the path towards a brighter future. The impact of our Business Development & Resource Center (Name coming soon!) on our community was a cornerstone of our conversations. Beyond profitability, it will be a beacon of opportunity, nurturing knowledge and growth among individuals and businesses, all united by a shared vision.

BCL is looking forward to Our Campaign Cabinet hosting this event 4 times a year. 

Make sure you are at the next one!

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